The name Bacharach is probably of Celtic origin. For sure Bacharach the small town at the Middle Rhine had a turbulent history. The first evidence is from the 11th Century. The so called “Bachus Altar” a rock in the river Rhine was likely a place of worship since the Roman century. Unfortunately the altar was blasted away during the flow regulation in the late 19th century.

During the middle ages the city became an important trading center for wine and also for wood from the near 'Hunsrueck' mountains. This led to considerable wealth and the receiving of town charter in 1356.

Castle “Stahleck” is towering high above the city. Raised by Herman von Stahleck in the 13th century. Today the castle is a very popular youth hostel.


On the way to the castle above the city there are the remains of the famous romantic Werner chapel



Peterschurch, Castle Stahleck, Werner chapel, Painters Point, Night watchman guided tour, City Wall
Bookings for guided tours can be made at the tourist information


The Castle “Pfalzgrafenstein” located on a rock in the middle of the river Rhine. 1813 Right here Prussian field marshal Bluecher passed the Rhine river when he followed Napoleon to defeat him.

opened April- October: Tuesday- Sunday 10am- 6pm, March till 5pm


The 2000 year old city of Mainz is located just 40 minutes by car from Medenscheid. Above the old city of Mainz there is one of the most significant forts from the 17th century: The Citadel. From this place, so called Jakobs Hill, you have the best view over the old town of Mainz. With good weather conditions, you may see the Skyline of Frankfurt in the far distance.

Worth seeing:

There are the remains of a once magnificent monument from the roman century at the south of the citadel. It is named after a roman commander Drusus who died 9 before christ.

Next to the citadel is the train station 'Römisches Theater' you can view the excavation of the largest roman theater north of the Alps. For Guided tours follow the link:

Next to the train station, in the street 'Neutorstraße' to the right you can find the Museum of Ancient Shipping. The museum shows roman ships, which were excaved during construction works in Mainz - Opened Tuesday- Sunday 10am-6pm

The most famous citizen of yore of Mainz was the inventor of the book printing, Johannes Gutenberg. At the Gutenbergmuseum you'll find a reconstruction of the former printing workshop of Gutenberg along with original tools and equipment from the 15th century. Highlight of the museum is the last complete copy of the Holy Bibel printed by Gutenberg. Just 180 copies of this very first ever printed Holy Bible have initially been printed by Gutenberg in the 15th century.

Liebfrauenplatz 5,, Tuesday- Saturday. 9am- 5pm Sunday.11am-3pm.

In the center of the old town of Mainz is the thousand year old, cathedral 'Dom St. Martin' one of the most important Romanesque buildings of Germany. The museum of the cathedral 'Dom and Diözesanmuseum' is located at the cloister of the cathedral.

Domstraße 3,, Tuesday- Sunday 9am-5pm

The church of St. Stephan was build from 992 as a collegiate church. It became world famouse because of it's windows, designed by the french artist Mark Chargall in the 1970's Open from November to February Monday- Saturday 10am-04:30pm, Sunday noon -04:30pm, March to October Monday- Saturday till 5pm

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As native Mainzers we will be happy to provide you with some insider advices about our home city.


Staatstheater Mainz,, Gutenbergplatz (Tel. 06131/2851222)
Kammerspiele, Fort Malakoff (Tel. 06131/225002)
Unterhaus, Münsterstr.7, (Tel. 06131/ 232121)
Cinestar, Dagobertstr./Bahnhof Römisches Theater (


'Deutsches Eck' at the junction of Rhein and Mosel
Old town, historical district
Castle Fort Ehrenbreitstein


Kurfürstliche Burg, Exhibition of Thonet Furniture
Hunsrückbahn Railway to Emmelshausen, daily during Summer
'Vierseenblick' view point, overlooking the Rhine sinuosity, cable car from Mühltal April to Oktober

St. Goar

Burg Rheinfels
Surrounding: St. Goarshausen with Castles Katz and Maus (cat and mouse) with Falconry
Loreley Rock


City of Towers and Wine
Liebfrauenkirche, St. Martinskirche, Castle Schönburg
Night Watchman Tour, during season every last Saturday, bookings at Touristinfo

Castle Sooneck, closed on Mondays
Castle Reichenstein
Castle Rheinstein open daily 10:00 - 17:00

Binger Forest
Castle Klopp
Mäuseturm on an island in the Rhein
'Museum am Strom'- Exhibition about Hildegard von Bingen
Tuesday – Sunday 10am- 5pm)
Surrounding: Waterpark 'Rheinwelle', Ingelheim

Brömserburg with Rheingau Winemuseum
Surrounding: Cable Car to the monument 'Niederwalddenkmal'